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North London’s Top Catering Equipment Repairs and Supplier

From restaurants to hotels, every business whose core operation includes the kitchen needs the best catering equipment to provide their customers with the finest dining experience.

No one understands this better than Kent Catering. We offer our clients the best solutions for their needs. Whether you are looking for new high-quality kitchen and catering equipment for your North London business or simply need your current ones repaired, our team will see to it that your kitchen equipment is able to help you achieve the kitchen you envision.

Innovative Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Creating the culinary masterpieces you want to bring to your customers takes more than just the skills of your staff. You need to have the finest kitchen equipment, bar none. From storage, to cooking and cleaning, our products got you covered in every step of the culinary process.

At Kent Catering, we only provide our clients with the best. Our selection of innovative kitchen products is designed to improve your kitchen’s productivity, efficiency and cleanliness. You can also get spare parts from us, so you can rest assured that your equipment runs smoothly at all times.

Efficient Kitchen and Catering Equipment Repair

We know how much time matters to your business. When you need any of your equipment serviced, our talented engineers ensure that we complete the project with minimal disruption, without compromising the quality of our work.

Passionate Kitchen Equipment Experts

Kent Catering has over 20 years of experience in providing high-quality catering equipment repairs, maintenance and products for commercial kitchens all over the UK. We take pride in our quick but efficient repair and maintenance services, and cutting-edge kitchen equipment.

Everyone in our team is passionate about helping you create the best kitchen for your business. We have Kent Catering Service (KCS) engineers who are trained by the leading manufacturers of premium kitchen equipment, such as Maidaid, Instata, Rational and more.

Contact us now to get the best equipment for your kitchen.