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Catering Equipment Supplier and Repairs in Biggin Hill

Need high-quality catering equipment or professional repair and maintenance services? Kent Catering has you covered.

We provide turnkey solutions to customers throughout Biggin Hill. From a full range of kitchen and catering equipment to standardised repair services, get a reliable supplier when you hire Kent Catering.

High-Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Kent Catering has a large supplier portfolio made up of the leading manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. Choose from a wide selection of cooking, dishwashing and refrigeration equipment. Additionally, we provide bespoke stainless steel fabricated items that range from preparation to front of house equipment. Outfit your kitchen with dynamic tools and equipment for better operational efficiency.

Aside from our range of products, we offer specialised services so you can focus on your core business. After purchasing equipment from us, you can opt to have our team install these items in your kitchen.

Professional Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Damaged kitchen equipment is one of the main reasons for delayed or reduced operations. Eliminate unnecessary downtime by keeping your equipment well-maintained.

Kent Catering is more than a catering equipment supplier. We also provide repair and maintenance services in Biggin Hill. Whether it’s a minor fix or regularly scheduled maintenance, all you need to do is contact us. Our engineers are trained to carry out our services quickly and with little disruption to your operations.

Kent Catering: Expertise in the Kitchen

When you choose Kent Catering, you get the latest equipment with the support of industry experts. Our team of engineers are trained to strictly adhere to the regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive. Additionally, we are registered with Gas Safe: our LPG installations are carried out in accordance with industry standards.

Get in touch with our team! We’ll gladly answer your enquiries and concerns about our products and services. Call us on 020 8462 9911 or send an email to