SCC_61Rational SelfCookingCenter Model 61 – 6-Grid Gas Combination Oven

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Find the best deals for Rational’s revolutionary combi oven at Kent Catering. For over 20 years, we’ve been fitting out the South East’s commercial kitchens with some of the globe’s most trusted brands. As an official Rational partner, we offer the Rational SCC61 6-Grid Gas Combination Oven & Steamer at excellent prices.


Model Number: SCC 61 – Gas

Dimensions: 847mm wide x 776mm deep x 782mm high


Rational’s SelfCookingCenter (SCC) is virtually an all-purpose piece of kitchen equipment. It enables users to bake, steam, grill, poach and more with just a push of the button. With highly sensitive sensors, the SCC continuously checks on food condition and adjusts the cooking time, temperature and cabinet climate to produce your desired result. With a Rational SCC combi oven in your kitchen, you have a versatile assistant that precisely and reliably produces food the way you need it to be.

Model Features

The SCC 61 gas combi-oven features a triple glass door with advanced heat reflective coating to ensure minimal heat loss. It has an energy consumption display, showing users how much energy has been consumed in a day and how much energy a cooking process requires.

The SCC 61 has a tray capacity of 6 x 1/1 GN for up to 65mm deep pans. It can prepare 30-80 meals a day with a temperature range of 30°C to 300°C. The SCC 61 has 7 cooking modes, namely: roast, poultry, grilling, fish, baked dishes, side dishes and finishing; and 3 combi-steamer modes which are steam, hot air and combination.



Weight 123 kg
Height incl. flow guard 1,012 mm
Electrical connected load 0.3 kW
Fuse 1 x 16 A
Mains connection 1 x 16 A
Gas supply/connection R 3/4“


Natural Gas

Max. nominal heat input 13 kW/13 kW
“Hot air” output 13 kW/13 kW
“Steam” output


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