SCC_201The Rational SCC201 20 Grid Gas Oven and Steamer

Kent Catering is your source of innovate cooking equipment. We offer the Rational SCC201 20 Grid Gas Combination Oven and Steamer also known as the SelfCookingCenter®. It is an all-in-one cooking system that can produce almost any culinary creation. It has become the mainstay for many commercial kitchens in the UK. From meat and fish to baked goods and desserts, you can produce the highest quality dishes by using the SelfCookingCenter®.

It has four intelligent functions:


With the iCookingControl®, you don’t need to monitor if your food is being cooked the way your customers want it. This feature learns your cooking preferences and adjusts its controls to meet your customers’ needs. It uses high-tech sensors to determine the size and condition of your food. The monitor of the system informs you of every adjustment so that you know your food is being cooked to perfection.


The HiDensityControl® features humidity sensors that measure the food’s natural moisture level. Once determined, it automatically adjusts cabinet climate parameters to be set to the right temperature for the food to be cooked perfectly. It also has an innovative vacuum technology that dehumidifies the cooking cabinet quickly and efficiently.


This feature allows you to cook different type of food and guides you which can be grouped together to ensure cooking perfection. The system automatically adjusts cooking time and notifies you of every adjustment. When a rack is finished cooking, the iLevelControl will advise you with a corresponding message displayed on the system’s monitor. The system will even indicate which rack needs to be unloaded or loaded using light indicators.

Efficient CareControl

After a day of using your SelfCookingCenter®, the Efficient CareControl function will automatically clean and descale itself. The system intelligently determines the cleaning level it needs and recommends the optimum quantity of cleaners and descalers required. With this feature, you do not need to worry about additional expenses related to water softening systems or descaling.



Weight 299 kg
Height incl. flow guard 2,087 mm
Electrical connected load 0.7 kW
Fuse 1 x 16 A
Mains connection 1 x 16 A
Gas supply/connection R 3/4“


Natural Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Max. nominal heat input  44 KW/44 KW
Hot air output  44 KW/44 KW
Steam output  38 KW/38 KW


For more information on the SelfCookingCenter®, call 020 8462 9911.