SCC_201The Rational SCC201 20 Grid Electric Combination Oven and Steamer

Looking for an innovative cooking system for your commercial kitchen? Kent Catering offers the Rational SCC201 20 Grid Electric Combination Oven and Steamer. Also known as the SelfCookingCenter®, this cooking system takes care of 95 per cent of all common cooking processes. From appetisers to main courses, the SelfCookingCenter® is your all-in-one cooking system that can produce virtually any dish on the menu. Operated by a high-tech system, it produces outstanding food quality at all times.

The Five Senses of the SelfCookingCenter®

The SelfCookingCenter® features five innovative senses that make it stand out from all conventional cooking systems:

  • senses ideal cooking cabinet conditions
  • detects size and quantity of food
  • thinks ahead to know how to prepare a dish perfectly
  • learns cooking habits and methods from the chef
  • communicates with the chef

All these five senses are represented by its four intelligent functions: iCookingControl®, HiDensityControl®, iLevelControl and Efficient CareControl.

The Reliable, Professional Kitchen Assistant

Whether you need to roast chicken or bake pastries, the SelfCookingCenter® is the ideal cooking system for your commercial kitchen. It streamlines your kitchen’s operations exactly the way your team would want it. It delivers the food quality you require and saves you time, money and energy.

With its intelligent functions, it automatically adjusts cooking time, temperature and moisture to cook food to perfection. You do not need to worry about checking your food from time to time. The SelfCookingCenter® monitors your food’s degree of doneness and even saves you the effort of turning over pan-fried dishes.

More than a Combination Oven

The SelfCookingCenter® is a revolutionary cooking system. After placing food on its racks, all you need to do is key in the results you want, and let the system do its work. It does not matter if you want the food to be rare, lightly browned or without a crust. The SelfCookingCenter® is easy to operate even for untrained staff. It always comes down to three simple steps to achieve the perfect results – select your food, load it on the racks, key in your intended result, and that’s it.



Weight 268 kg
Connected load 37 KW
Fuse 3 X 63 A
Mains connection 3 NAC 400 V
Hot air output 36 KW
Steam output 36 KW


For any enquiries about the SelfCookingCenter®, call 020 8462 9911 or email