SCC_61Rational SelfCookingCenter Model 61 – 6-Grid Electric Combination Oven

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Kent Catering brings to the South East Rational’s revolutionary combination oven, the SelfCookingCenter. As a Rational partner for over 20 years, our Rational SCC61 6-Grid Electric Combination Steamer and Oven units are available at competitive prices.


Model Number: SCC 61 – Electric

Dimensions: 847mm wide x 776mm deep x 782mm high


The SelfCookingCenter (SCC) is a favourite among commercial kitchens for its versatility and intelligent design. It can be used for baking, roasting, steaming, blanching, poaching and more – all in a single unit.

The SCC’s cost-effectiveness is unbeatable. It reduces raw material consumption by 10%, grease use by up to 95% and labour hours by up to 30%. It can cook up to 15% faster than conventional combi ovens and steamers, saving your kitchen time and money. Self-cleaning and operable by untrained staff, the SCC is ideal for even the busiest kitchens.

Model Features

The electric SCC 61 has a 6 x 1/1 GN tray capacity for up to 65mm deep pans. Its 7 operating modes are Roast, Poultry, Grilling, Fish, Baked Dishes, Side Dishes and Finishing. The equipment’s intelligent system allows mixed loads. It detects product-specific requirements and continuously adjusts cooking time, temperature and cabinet climate to achieve the result you want.

SCCW 61 has 3 combi-steamer modes: steam (30 °C – 130 °C), hot air (30 °C – 300 °C) and combination (30 °C-300 °C). The hot-air steamer conforms to DIN 18866, the international standard equipment in commercial kitchens. Having a self-teaching operation feature, the SCC 61 automatically adapts to actual usage.



Weight 110 kg
Connected load 11 kW
Fuse 3 x 16 A
Mains connection 3 NAC 400 V
“Hot air” output 10,3 kW
“Steam” output 9 kW


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