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Catering Equipment Supplier and Repairs in Hayes

A catering business is only as successful as the development and maintenance of its kitchen. Kent Catering understands this, which is why we have created a diverse selection of high-end equipment. Whether you need a new refrigeration system or a workbench that improves efficiency, we have the solutions for you.

High Performing Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchens have a different set of requirements than those found in the home. The equipment in these commercial settings needs to keep up with constant demands.

As a leading supplier of professional catering equipment, we have curated a list of items from the world’s leading brands. These range from modular cooking ranges to combination ovens. You can also choose from different refrigeration systems, including a bespoke walk-in cold room.

Now, business owners in Hayes can easily outfit their kitchens with innovative machines and bespoke equipment.

Professional Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Part of running a successful catering business is taking good care of your kitchen equipment. Kent Catering offers more than just kitchen items, we also provide a repair and response service to our clients throughout Hayes.

Get professionals to inspect and repair your kitchen equipment. Our team is trained to fix different types of damage in a timely manner. Avoid lengthy downtime because of broken machines. You also have the option to book regularly scheduled maintenance checks as a preventive measure.

Kent Catering: Expertise in the Kitchen

With over two decades in operation, Kent Catering has the expertise, insights, and connections to help you enhance your commercial kitchen. We aspire to provide clients with the best products and services. Our wide network of manufacturers is proof of our commitment to providing excellent equipment. As for our services, Kent Catering is registered with Gas Safe and strictly adheres to the regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive.

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