Kent Catering Rational Service PartnerCatering Equipment Supply And Repair Service in Swanley

Commercial kitchens in Swanley need reliable equipment to meet the market’s demands.

Our kitchen equipment works round the clock to help you come up with the finest culinary creations.

You can never be wrong with us. From our dishwashers to refrigerators, we can guarantee your kitchen will:

  • Become more energy-efficient – Our equipment runs on the optimal amount of energy without sacrificing performance.
  • Carry the name of trusted manufacturers – We offer the most trusted and internationally known kitchen brands at competitive prices. Our range of equipment includes gas- and electric-powered equipment from Rational, Electrolux, Blue Seal.
  • Deliver reliable performance – Our units are durable and can run in a peak condition for a long time.

Eliminate Kitchen Downtime Fast

Reduce downtime in your kitchen with our responsive breakdown service.

Our experienced engineers are always ready to help you in any kitchen emergency. With our service, you can enjoy the following:

  • Fast response – We’ll go to your place as soon as an order is in place.
  • High first-time fix rate – Our engineers carry a wide variety of spare parts in their vehicles, enabling them to solve your problems in just one visit.

For your peace of mind, we’ll cause only minimal disruption to your kitchen’s operations. 

After the repair is done, our engineers will be happy to provide professional advice on preventing kitchen breakdowns in the future.

Entrust your kitchen to our industry-certified experts

Our personnel are trained to handle some of the industry’s top brands like Electrolux, Instanta and Rational.

Our engineers passed all relevant ACOPS Gas courses, making them more than capable of repairing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)-powered equipment. 

We take pride in our 20 years of excellent service. You’ll get the service you need, right when you need it to keep your kitchen working at its best.

Call us now so we can come up with the best solutions for your kitchen today.