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Maidaid Dishwashers from a Trusted Catering Equipment Supplier

Keep those plates sparkling with a dishwasher from Maidaid, one of the catering industry’s most trusted brands, brought to you by Kent Catering, a reliable catering equipment repair and supplier in Brixton. With our dishwashers, you’ll be able to plate and serve dishes that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Various Designs to Choose From

To address the particular needs of a commercial kitchen, Maidaid has created several designs to choose from. Caterers can choose from undercounter or pass-through washers, depending on their operation’s requirements. Meanwhile, caterers who require large volumes of washing may want to look into a rack and flight machine or the Maidaid Minirack, which can handle up to 220 racks of dishes per hour.

Pots and utensils will have to be maintained as well, and for those, Maidaid has a range of pot and utensil washers, with baskets measuring up to 1320mm.

No matter which design you choose, your tools will always come out looking their spotless best.

Maidaid Models We Provide

To ensure you can choose the right dishwasher for your kitchen, we offer a wide range of Maidaid options for you to choose from. including a selection of:

The Kent Catering Difference

Over our more than 20 years of operation, Kent Catering has become a trusted name in catering equipment maintenance, repair and procurement. Our time in the industry has allowed us to form strong relationships with the best known brands in commercial kitchen equipment. This, in turn, has given our clients access to deals and options available nowhere else. At the same time our partnerships have also enabled our engineers to train under the supervision of the brand, ensuring their familiarity with the equipment and better service for our clients.

The end result? Less downtime, efficient kitchens, successfully catered events and many, many happy memories made special by delectable meals. It’s all possible with the help of Kent Catering.

Call us today. Let’s see how we can give your catering business the boost it’s been looking for.