Kent Catering Rational Service PartnerEffortless Dishwashing in Commercial Kitchens with Maidaid Evolution 201135ws

When it comes to the hospitality and food businesses, the focus is mostly on the cooks who are dedicated to perfecting the dishes to be served. However, cooking isn’t the only demanding job that happens behind the kitchen doors of a hotel or restaurant. Dishwashing is also just as important and can be just as challenging.

Businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, and catering services provide large quantities of food. A constant supply of dirty dishes needed to be cleaned for the next customer; during peak time this can be overwhelming. Dishwashing is an unpopular task that cannot be neglected and overlooked, particularly with stringent government guidelines on food hygiene and the Food Standard Agency’s hygiene rating scheme.

One way to improve hygiene and productivity in the kitchen is to invest in a high-quality dishwasher. With the Maidaid Evolution 2035ws Pass Through Dishwasher,  you can wash more dishes in less time, enabling faster table turn-around and increased customer satisfaction.

Enhanced cleaning for commercial kitchens with Maidaid Evolution 201135ws Pass Through Dishwasher

If you feel that your commercial kitchen always has an unbearable amount of unwashed dishes, the Maidaid Evolution 2035ws is a top of the line dishwashing machine is designed for the most demanding environments.

The MaidAid Evolution Pass Through has an extensive range of special cycle options, with a full LCD display that gives a clear reading of the machine’s status. It automatically changes parameters to suit glass washing, switches to long cycle for intensive washes, green cycle for reduced water consumption and lower temperatures, and copes with stubbornly dirty dishes by running two complete cycles.

With an adjustable wash and rinse temperature, you have the dishwashing process under control. Supplied with one open rack, one pegged plate rack and a cutlery basket, all the cooking and eating utensils and crockery will be organised after the cleaning process.

Other Maidaid Dishwashers

The Maidaid dishwasher comes in several models:

For less time, less water and less labour time spent dishwashing, invest in a dishwasher machine today. Contact Kent Catering and we’ll help you give your business a boost.