Kent Catering Rational Service PartnerMaidaid Evolution 2035WS Pass Through Dishwasher

Keep glasses, plates and cutlery sparkling with a top-grade dishwasher. Kent Catering carries Evolution 2035ws pass through dishwasher from Maidaid, one of the most trusted brands in the catering industry.

Designed for the Most Demanding Environments

In commercial kitchens, a constant supply of dirty dishes needs to be cleaned for the next customer. It can be overwhelming, especially during an extremely busy service. But with a reliable dishwasher like Evolution 2035ws, you can rest assured knowing the kitchen can keep up with any amount of dirty dishes.

Evolution 2035ws offers three standard cycle times from 90 to 715 seconds. It has special cycles with times you can tailor to the specific requirements of your kitchen. It comes with an adjustable wash-and-rinse temperature, giving your staff control over different dishwashing processes and requirements.

For delicate glasses, the Evolution 2035ws automatically changes its settings to suit glass washing. You can also set the machine for a long cycle to accommodate intensive washing of different cooking utensils. A green cycle option is available to achieve reduced water consumption and lower temperatures.

Evolution 2035ws comes with one open rack, one pegged plate rack and a cutlery basket. All these features help kitchen staff ensure glasses, plates and cooking pans are organised after dishwashing.

Other features of Maidaid Evolution 2035ws include:

  • Full LCD for clear display of machine status
  • Continuous water softener to maintain the quality of the plates and cutlery
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Standard drain pump
  • Super glide hood for ease of use
  • Adjustable height
  • Comprehensive automatic self-cleaning cycle

Get Your New Dishwasher from Kent Catering

If your existing dishwasher takes a while to complete a wash cycle or spills water even with the door shut, or you simply want to streamline kitchen operations with a heavy-duty machine, count on our team.

At Kent Catering, we will help you decide whether Evolution 2035ws is the right fit for your kitchen. Our team also assists in installation to ensure every tool and feature of the machine is working optimally.

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