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Maidaid C1011: Your Kitchen’s Best Dishwasher

Every commercial kitchen needs a good dishwasher. But if you want your kitchen to be a cut above the rest, you need to get the best equipment. With the Maidaid C1011, your kitchen will get a peerless upgrade. It boasts high performance and flexibility that makes it a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen at a very competitive price.

Cost-effective and Efficient

The Maidaid C1011 is made to boost your dishwashing efficiency. It has a patented dual flow wash pump that allows it to reduce power consumption while retaining wash efficiency. It boasts an accurate peristaltic dosing pump for detergent and rinse aid dosing, to further guarantee that your kitchenware comes out sparkling clean with every wash.

To help reduce your energy bill, the Maidaid C1011 also comes with an energy saving mode for a more cost-effective and sustainable operation.

Flexible Design and Controls

The Maidaid C1011 has an adjustable height that ranges from 1450mm to 1510mm with the hood closed, and from 1885mm to 1940mm with the hood open. Its heights also include adjustable legs.

The dishwasher unit comes with a bright LED display with soft touch controls. There are three cycle options to choose from, along with special application cycles options. Its cycle times range from 70 seconds to 240 seconds, including special cycles, and you can also tailor the cycle times according to your site’s requirements. To let the machine recover the correct operating temperatures, the cycle time will be extended automatically.

The Maidaid C1011 is suitable for hot (50°C maximum) and cold water supply at 2-4 bar dynamic supply pressure. Its wash and rinse temperatures are adjustable, averaging at 60°C and 78°C respectively. The unit is entirely made of stainless steel and comes with one pegged plate, one open rack and cutlery basket.

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