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The Maidaid Dishwasher

Dishwashers are the unsung heroes of the catering industry. They stop the spread of bacteria and food contamination. They increase kitchen efficiency and lower labor costs. And they help you meet the stringent sanitation standards for caterers. As such, you must invest in a high-quality machine that effortlessly keeps up with your rigorous culinary process.

Consider switching to the Maidaid C1035WS dishwasher.

Heavy Duty Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

The Maidaid C1035WS dishwasher is a stainless-steel dishwashing machine with bright LED display and soft touch controls. It has a one-pegged plate, one open rack and a cutlery basket. The drain pump is fitted as standard. And the peristaltic pump features accurate control of the detergent and water, eliminating your concern about dishes and utensils not being washed properly.

When you use the C1035WS dishwasher, you can choose from three cycle options and additional special application cycles. The cycle times, which can be tailored to your kitchen requirements, can run anytime between 70 and 240 seconds. The dishwasher features an automatic self-cleaning cycle after every use.

Additionally, the C1035WS dishwasher has a selectable thermostop that regulates the wash and rinse temperature—the default being 60°C for wash and 78°C for rinse.

Finally, it features a selectable energy saving mode. The machine has a patented dual flow wash pump that reduces power usage without compromising the wash efficiency. It effectively cuts down utility bills.

Effortless Cleaning for a Longer Time

It is time to switch to an advanced type of dishwasher when your existing machine takes a while to start working, makes too much noise or spills water even with the door hatch sealed shut. Consider upgrading to the Maidaid C1035WS for effortless heavy-duty cleaning of your dishwashing load.

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