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Improve Your Kitchen’s Efficiency with the Maidaid C501

A dishwasher is essential to every commercial kitchen. If you want to get ahead of your competition, your kitchen has to have the best equipment. Upgrade the efficiency of your kitchen with the Maidaid C501.

Built for Incredible Performance

The Maidaid C501 is a c-range undercounter dishwasher made by Maidaid Halcyon that has incredible dishwashing performance. Its width, depth and height are at 580 x 610 x 815mm, with a basket size of 500x500mm and a maximum useable height of 320mm.

With stainless steel construction, the unit’s body is partial double-skinned to reduce noise and heat loss. It features a bright LED display with soft touch panels and twin traffic light display to indicate the status of the machine.

Guaranteed Dishwashing Efficiency

The Maidaid C501 is especially designed to boost your kitchen’s dishwashing efficiency, with accurate detergent and rinse aid peristalic dosing. It has three selectable cycle options along with special application cycle options, ranging from 70 to 240 seconds. The cycle times can also be tailored to meet site requirements.

For better power efficiency, this unit has a selectable energy saving mode and a selectable thermostop to ensure that rinse temperatures are optimal. At the end of service, the machine automatically initiates self-cleaning. It also has operational self diagnostics.

The Maidaid C501 is sutable for cold water and hot water supply, with a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celcius, at a 2 to 4 bar dynamic supply pressure. However, units fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running short cycles repeatedly. Instead, the cycle time is going to be extended automatically to allow the machine to recover the correct operating temperatures.

Get Yours From Kent Catering

At Kent Catering, we only supply products of the highest quality. We offer the Maidaid C501 at a competitive price and with a 2-year warranty. Our engineers can also provide expert advice on its handling and maintenance so you can optimise your usage.

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