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Maidaid D2021 for Efficient Commercial Dishwashing

At Kent Catering, we supply the most dependable and heavy duty equipment to streamline your commercial kitchen operations. One of these is the Maidaid D2021 dishwasher with a sturdy stainless steel construction, intuitive soft touch controls and 2-year warranty.

It is the perfect replacement for your old dishwasher or a dependable addition to your growing business.

The Machine Runs Well in Busy Kitchens

The Maidaid D2021 is designed to keep kitchen operations running while your culinary staff rushes about to prepare and plate food. There is no need to constantly check on the dishwasher and if it’s doing the job as long as you keep it in good working order.

The best way to keep the machine running is through regular maintenance. Clean dirty filter units at the end of the day. Clean the nozzles of the wash and rinse arms. You also need to run a sanitising treatment using non-corrosive commercial products.

We can help you arrange maintenance service for the machine.

A Self-Diagnosis System Informs You of Any Errors

You will not be second guessing what is wrong with the dishwasher because it has a self-diagnosis system that tells you what is wrong. The instruction manual that comes with the machine features potential remedies you can try before calling us for repair.

Proper Use Improves Environmental Footprint

More restaurants and caterers are aware of the environmental footprint of food preparation. This machine helps you achieve efficient energy usage approach during operations if you observe the following:

  • Wait until basket is full before washing
  • Turn the dishwasher off when not in use
  • Use hot water if the machine is gas heated
  • Use only the recommended dose of detergent
  • Make sure the drains flow into the right sewer
  • Observe proper wash programmes based on soiling

Email or call us today for enquiries about the Maidaid D2021.