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Catering Equipment Supplier and Repairs in Mayfair

Stand out from the foodie scene with Kent Catering Services, the trusted catering equipment repairer and supplier in Mayfair. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or repair your kitchen appliances, the KCS team is ready to give you the support you need.

Explore our extensive selection of cooking ranges, refrigerators, dishwashing machines and ovens. If you need advice on the equipment that meets your demands, our team will review specifications and energy consumption rates to help you find what you’re looking for. Should you need immediate repair services, our technicians will fix the issue quickly.

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Give Your Commercial Kitchen an Upgrade

Creating delicious culinary creations? Your kitchen will need reliable, top-notch equipment that can keep up with the flurry of back-of-house activities.

Turn to Kent Catering Services for superior kitchen appliances that sets you apart from your competitors. Rest assured that the unit you install in your kitchen will:

  • Deliver Superior Performance – The KCS team carries appliances from trusted, internationally known brands — those that help create dishes that impress Mayfair’s discerning diners.
  • Be Energy Efficient – Our unit enables you to cut back on energy consumption to reduce your operations expenses and improve your kitchen’s green credentials.
  • Be Part of a Complete Solution – Should you want to build a kitchen from scratch, Kent Catering Services offers turn-key solutions, which covers design to installation and maintenance support.

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Receive Efficient Repair Services

With customers continuously streaming in, your kitchen needs to be in peak working condition all the time. Should you encounter a problem with your kitchen appliance, call the KCS team immediately. Trust that they can restore your equipment to working order.

Partner with Kent Catering Services, and you’ll enjoy:

  • Quick response from our team
  • Support from technicians who have completed ACOPS Gas courses
  • Effective solutions that fix problems at the core
  • Professional maintenance advice

Make your mark in Mayfair’s culinary scene. Call us for a free consultation.