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Kitchen Equipment Supplies and Repair in West London

Kent Catering provides commercial kitchen equipment in West London. Whether you need new equipment for your growing catering business or emergency repair service for your restaurant’s heavy-duty dishwasher, we have the credentials and experience to help you. We have been established for over 20 years, delivering suitable kitchen solutions to businesses across West London.

Our team of fully trained engineers understands the needs of your commercial kitchen, from industrial grade catering equipment to effective repair services. We know the different makes and models that make every kitchen run efficiently.

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Meet the Demands of a Busy Kitchen

As a dedicated catering equipment supplier and service provider, we work hard to meet your requirements.

It starts with a quick response to your enquiry. Then, we follow it up with reasonably priced equipment and supplies from established manufacturers. On the other hand, we can follow up with thorough repair services.

We draw up two kinds of service contracts. First is the Standard Contract which includes a fixed amount of annual visits to keep your equipment compliant with the Method Statement. Service calls and spare parts for repairs are chargeable. Alternatively, we have the Comprehensive Contract, which includes the features of the Standard Contract. Only spare parts are chargeable.

If neither of the mentioned contracts meets your requirements, our team can tailor a contract for you.

Reduce Downtime to Serve Customers Better

We have everything you need to streamline commercial kitchen operations. We have refrigeration equipment that keeps ingredients fresh, heavy-duty cooking equipment pieces that improve food preparation, holding cabinets that keep cooked food warm and industrial-grade dishwashers that keep your staff available for more relevant kitchen tasks.

Our kitchen equipment will help you serve the tastiest, freshest dishes to customers. In delivering consistently satisfying products and services, you will ensure diners and clients will keep you in business.

When you need repairs, our qualified team can work on any brand, from Electrolux and Rational to Maidaid and Instanta.

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