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Maidaid C511 Undercounter Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a necessity for any commercial kitchen. This robust machine streamlines processes so that kitchen staff can focus on food preparation. With a commercial dishwasher, maintaining the kitchen’s cleanliness becomes much easier and operations become more efficient.

If you are in the market for a high-performing dishwasher, consider the Maidaid C511 undercounter dishwasher.

Heavy Duty Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

The Maidaid C511 is designed to handle heavy duty cleaning. It has three selection cycle settings for better water and detergent control. Additionally, it has other cycle options for tableware that requires special handling.

Made for heavy and frequent loads, the Maidaid C511 has a cycle time from 70 to 240 seconds. This can, however, be customised to better suit your load requirements.

This undercounter dishwasher is equipped with a Type AA breaktank to prevent unnecessary downtime caused by interruptions in the water supply. This tank design prevents used water from contaminating the main supply.

Effortless Cleaning for Streamlined Operations

The Maidaid C511 has accurate peristaltic dosing for enhanced cleaning. Its rinse temperature is adjustable to improve sanitation. This dishwasher has a wash temperature of 60°C and a rinse temperature of 78°C. Additionally, it has an automatic self-cleaning feature that is activated at the end of every service. Shift your focus towards more pertinent tasks as your dishwasher does most of the heavy lifting.

Kent Catering: Your Source of Innovative Kitchen Equipment

Kent Catering has a long-standing partnership with Maidaid. Aside from the C511 undercounter dishwasher, we carry other models from the C and D Range. Choose the dishwashing equipment that best meets your needs in the kitchen.

We offer services to help you improve your operations. From installation to maintenance, our team of skilled engineers will help you keep your equipment performing at optimal levels.

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